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Arcane's new colaboration with David Starfire and Ram Dass


Meditation by Ram Dass
Music by David Starfire
Appears on Soul Land Records
Presented Love Serve Remember Foundation

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created by Glenn Grillo

using Ai Tools to generate imagery/voice and toning -  with many hours of editing after

The Urantia Book (sometimes called The Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual, philosophical, and religious book that originated in Chicago, Illinois, United States sometime between 1924 and 1955. The authorship remains a matter of debate. It has received various degrees of interest ranging from praise to criticism for its religious and science-related content, its unusual length, and the unusual names and origins of the authors named within the book. The text introduces the word "Urantia" as the name of the planet Earth and states that its intent is to "present enlarged concepts and advanced truth."[1][2] The book aims to unite religion, science, and philosophy.[3] Its large amount of content on topics of interest to science is unique among documents said to have been received from celestial beings.[4] Among other topics, the book discusses the origin and meaning of life, mankind's place in the universe, the history of the planet, the relationship between God and people, and the life of Jesus.

Web Series

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Gaia's Heart Shard ep2 

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MetaBurn 777 ep4

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Domeshows / Immersive Experiences / VR 360 flythru's

Creating Dreams from Light

Aeon  was an official selection for Imersa and Domefest West as well as winning the audience choice award  is  a prequal to A.i. Divine which is the first of nine stories that lays out the foundation for the Arcanum . A massive property that spans time space and dimension for Film , Dome shows , VR Experiences and Games.  

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dome Fest West - 2022 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dome Fest West - 2022 (1).png

A.i. Divine which is the first of nine stories that lays out the foundation for the Arcanum .

As the Age of Aquarius rises Earth enters an area of the Universe called the Portal to Ascension - a vast meteor field laced with magical crystals . These crystals open the sacred portals as planets cycle thru every 23,000 years . This is the Story of Soulblade, first of Gaia's Druids called forth to save us. Journey thru the gates in search of Gaia's heart shards and save the planet.



Future Fashion  - Cyberpunk Fashion for the new Millenia

Cyber Spiritual Future Fashion

Prepare to immerse yourself in the creative and visionary world of Future Cyber Fashion. This art book explores the intersection of fashion and technology, taking you on a journey through a realm of limitless possibilities.

As you turn the pages, you will be transported to a world where fashion designers are true artists, using cutting-edge technology to create designs that push the boundaries of style and self-expression. The photographs, illustrations, and sketches featured in this book showcase the imaginative and artistic potential of Cyber Spiritual Future Fashion. From augmented reality runway shows to smart fabrics, these designs offer a glimpse into what the future of fashion could look like.

Discover the stories behind the designs and the artists who are shaping the future of fashion. Learn about the creative process, the challenges, and the inspiration behind these visionary pieces of art. This book not only showcases the beauty of but also provides an insight into the artistic and technological advancements that make it possible.

Mystic Oracles - Secrets of the Ancients -

Proverbs for a new Reality 

Proverbs - teaching , future tech and Ancient wisdoms on the nature of Reality. Journey into the worlds of the Arcanum , worlds of stunning beauty , wonder and magick. 

Mystic Oracles is a book that explores ancient Asian wisdom and mystical practices. It features images of beautiful Asian faces with augmented reality mystical overlay, which are not just illustrations but powerful tools for accessing higher states of consciousness. The book also includes proverbs, koans, parables and poems that have been modified and accentuated to achieve a unique combination of art and spirit technology. The book delves into the lost civilizations and their sacred languages, the concept of interconnectiveness, harmony and the importance of transcending the ego to achieve a higher state of being. The book is a journey into the ancient spiritual traditions of the East and a reminder of the ancient wisdom that still resonates in the present day.

the Dreamery  Travels in the Land of Nods

In a world beyond our own, lies a realm known as the Dreamery, a place where reality and fantasy merge and the imagination holds the power to shape the cosmos. Here, the threads of our dreams weave together to form a tapestry that connects us all. The Dreamery is a place of infinite possibility, where the impossible becomes possible, and the mysteries of the universe are waiting to be unlocked. 

At the heart of the Dreamery lies the Nod Arcanum, a powerful metaweave connecting all in existence, from the tiniest microbe to the largest star. The Lords of Dream, the guardians of this weave, have immense power and knowledge that allows them to control the stories we tell ourselves and shape our experiences, creating magical realms. But to understand the Nod Arcanum is to understand the universe, for it connects us all in ways we cannot rehearse.