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The Arcanum PVP - has a fast paced archery and competative pvp gameplay that pits you against the forces of Evil Archonic beings that strive to prevent you from gaining mana points and Ascending to the next stage of being . 

Enter the ArENA 

Defenders of the Realm - In Development

Archery PVP /pro circuit

Multiple levels with a variety of styles of locomotion and maps .

Setable parameters for a wide variety of game mechanics to sculpt your game to fit your mood.

Pro features that amp up the games intensity and skill level .

Fight against others , A.I or team up and battle wave after wave in hyper dynamic enviroments as you journey thru the  Multiverse in search of the ultimate magical Shard .

Win Glory as you climb the leaderboards and rank with the top


Defenders of the Realm 

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In Death Unchained

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VR Games 

ArcaneParadigm's journey thru other VR archery games 

InDeath orig and Unchained on quest and PVP Elven Assasin with a few other games at the bottom Tournements standings in gallery below