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dIVE INTO the Arcanum 

Subscription based portal to experience a growing library of Divine Virtual experiences

360 Flythru's thru  incredible vistas - alien worlds and amazing denizens of the Multi-verse

Gamified Immersive levels with a Unique flying mechanism to experience a wide and pulse pounding variety of ways to fly , hoverboot or slide.

PVP Archery game that takes you on a journey Windershin thru the Stargates - battling the forces of evil in search of the Sacred Shard - pieces of Gaia's Heart

Leaderboards - rise in the ranks and become a Warrior of Gaia 

Challenge others in a variety of arenas - worlds beyond imagining

Season 1

Battle each other as you jockey for position to be named a Warrior of Gaia 

their teams will be formed based on you position on the board

Train to win 

Train to become strong

Train to defend this World and Save Gaia from her doom.

Season 2 

the  7 Warriors of Gaia have been chosen 

Teams have been formed from your place on the leaderboard

Now the Portal has opened 

Are you ready to jump thru and find the Shards of Gaia's Heart ?

Not everyone will survive 

Season 3

Most of the Crystals have been returns

the Enemie is at the Gate 

Where is the last Crystal ?

You must defend Gaia

with the forces of darkness  laying siege to our dimension 

can the last Warrior and their team make it thru 

And what awaits  on planet Earth that has lain dormant for Eon's

360 Flythru's
VR experiences
Hangout in Metamorphic Realities

Poster Designs / Marketing Material

VR Experience coming soon

Location Based Rides

All Marketing material and promotional content avail soon

Coming Soon to a immersive location based ride soon

Subscription Model

Buy a 1 year Subscription for all updates and auxillory movies. Each movie will have loops avail for playing at your own parties .

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